Romanticizing toxicity

Harika Koduru
2 min readOct 30, 2022

Being sick in bed can only mean one thing. Netflix and chill. And so I decided to watch Kabhi alvida na kehna( never say goodbye). I mean, Karan Johar movies are always good way to pass the time. Turns out this movie is about an insecure cocky man who can’t stand his wife’s success and goes onto have an affair with a woman who doesn’t find her husband exciting in the bed. That’s all the plot is. But it’s romanticized left and right with songs like Mitwaaaaaa.

Then I watched Break ke Baad. Hero’s job is to keep together the act of the heroine who thinks her life is messed up because her dad left and broke the family. Always tending to her emotional needs while she ignores all of it till the very end. Get a life bruh!

I’ve always been a hopeless romantic. I believed in one man one love one relationship for the eternity. But as it turns out I realised such things exist in books and romcoms only. Welcome to real life, where everyone takes really long to realise they need therapy and keep fucking up other’s lives intentionally or unintentionally.

I’ve just grown to see the closest relationships I’ve known crumbling down like twin towers attacks. Where’s this real love people talk about in books, movies, podcasts, and the glorified social media posts. All I see is act of convenience, contracts for property and money, perhaps filling out the voids, or maybe ticking off a thing in the checklist of life.

If you have never felt at ease on your own, lying in your bed, not craving another human, nothing but pizza, maybe you should reassess your emotional needs. Love is not for filling a void or having company. Not a show biz on Instagram. Definitely not a way to acquire financial stability (men and women both alike).

Well I don’t know what love is either. I feel it’s having another human in your life who exactly knows what your Starbucks order is when you are feeling low. Who is only a warm hug away when you have something to celebrate and a hand kerchief away when you have a bad day. Who can push you to do better things, who will let you be who you are, while being at the receiving end of all of it. It’s always a two way street. They don’t have to complete you, it should just feel right in your gut to be next to them.

I’m getting over the trauma of Kabhi alvida na kehna,( Shahrukh Khan should just do movies like swades smh). I hope you stop romanticizing toxicity if you’re in that boat unknowingly.

Love and hugs ❤



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