My coffee bias

Harika Koduru
2 min readAug 16, 2022

My restraint for coffee has been a futile attempt so far since the not-so-fancy JP Nagar now has Starbucks, Third wave coffee roasters aaaand, Blue Tokai!

I have probably visited blue Tokai 5–6 times since I discovered it in my neighbourhood. But I discovered something even more interesting today. I had this mid-noon coffee craving but I was not willing to step out and book an auto. On a side note, I really loved those olden days when autowalas agreed to ride on meter charge basis. Okay back to coffee, as I can drink only vegan milk, my options are always limited. All the cafes I have been to so far always charge extra for almond/soy/any plant based milk. Blue Tokai didn’t charge anything additional for my milk preference when I placed an order on swiggy.

I couldn’t be more happier, to see a business being so accomodating towards vegans/lactose intolerant fellows, because only we know the pain we go through! I wish more and more cafes adopt this, if they really want to be a business that can accomodate to all kinds of dietary preferences, to build a loyal customer base.

I have been a loyal customer to Third wave for so long, but always paid extra for almond milk. They do have a rewards point system which can make it a little easier on the pocket, but always paying for milk just because your gut cannot tolerate dairy feels eerie sometimes, like you don’t belong to the whole lot of normal people who can enjoy whichever coffee they want.

This also involves the aspect of inclusivity, that can build a good will for the brand. The joy of being able to enjoy a coffee without having to shell extra money or without having to feel sad about your ailments can go a really long way. There is no dearth of people who would be willing to even switch from dairy to non-dairy options if it comes at the same price.

If a business is willing to spend on research and marketing of a brand to set up a cafe in an elite neighbourhood which is catering to 90% of the crowd that affords this lifestyle of ordering a coffee just to sit and flaunt a macbook in a cafe, it sure can accomodate non- dairy beverage and food options to build an entirely new customer base.

Alright then, if you are a cafe owner reading this, be considerate okay?Okay.

Hail coffee and cafes that are inclusive of all dietary choices :)



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